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The Writer ™


Years after his debut detective story, the main character finds himself deep into creative crisis. By strange coincidence, one evening the Writer finds an unusual message about a murder, signed by a person who claims to be the character of his future novel. The situation is getting drastically complicated when it turns out that the murder actually happened! Police finds the writer on the crime scene, and he decides to join the police in chase for the murderer.

When experienced detective finds out that the Writer has begun working on a new novel, as well as the contents of it, the Writer becomes the main suspect. Another message is on its way...

Original riddles and incredible tasks. Exciting locations, chase full of adrenaline and turns of events that you will remember.

The Writer

System Requirements

OS Windows XP/Vista/7 | CPU 2.0GHz | RAM 1024MB | DirectX 9.0 | HD 660MB.

Release Date: To Be Announced